Continental ContiVanContact 200 225/55R17 101V available in Reading

Van Contact 200 XL Van Tyre


ContiVanContact 200

Van Contact 200

Reduction in braking distance. Investment in safety
Fully fitted price: £133.10


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For transporter and vans.

Optimal braking for more safety.

  • Safe journey thanks to shorterbraking distances on wet roads
  • Considerably reduced rollingresistance for lower fuel consumption and greater efficiency
  • Safe handling in all situations,even under heavy loads

Increased safety thanks to shorter braking distances on wet roads.
  • By creating a windscreen wiper effect, the tyre offers vastly improved water dispersion for safe wet braking.

Safe handling in all situations, even under heavy loads.
  • The improved contact with the road and the increased stability and rigidity of the tread pattern result in an optimum driving performance.

Considerably reduced rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption and greater efficiency.
  • A special compound reduces energy loss during the deformation of the tyre. The effect: reduced rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency.






V (Max Speed: 149mph)

101 (Max Load: 825kg)