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Welcome to Our Company!

Pit Stop Tyres are located in Reading and specialise in new or used replacement tyres for all major car makes and models. If you need a new or used, or a replacement tyre for your car or van then Pit Stop Tyres Reading Ltd. is for the place for you.

We offer both mail order and fully fitted tyres to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for tyres for your car, van, fleet, or motorbike, we can help. The same goes for high performance and 4x4 tyres. You’ll find a range of cheap tyres and big discounts on top brands including Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Toyo, Yokohama and other. If you can’t see the tyre you’re looking for give us a call and one of our experts will help find it or choose a suitable alternative.

Our fast fit tyre service is both reliable and very competitive. We value our customers and have grown in popularity over the years. If you need a new tyre, a vehicle repair or vehicle check up then bring your car along to our fully equipped garage in Reading, Berkshire and speak to one of our staff.

24/7 Emergency Tyres Service

Due to the fact that we run a mobile fitting service we have chosen to offer a 24hr callout service for out of hour emergency tyre fitting. We also operate on behalf of or with most of the local recovery companies in and around the area. We are just as happy to attend for the public as well the trade.

All it takes is a quick phone call 0843 289 7110 and we will help if we are able to.

We will need your tyre size, your name and vehicle location and a contact number (unless withheld it will show on our mobile anyway) and we can price the callout and tyre for you.

The only thing we do stipulate is that if we turn up and you have given an incorrect tyre size a call out fee will still be chargeable so please make sure that you give the correct information, we are happy to talk you though the sizing if you do not know how to read it. The wrong tyre size will also mean you stay where you are a lot longer.

If your vehicle is fitted with locking nuts can you please ensure the adaptor key is available, We can get over this problem with prior knowledge but it will incur additional charges

Pit Stop Tyres Reading

Service Top Tips

  • Check your tyre pressures once a month. The correct tyre pressure will dramatically reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption. Regularly checking your tyre pressures helps extend the life of your tyres, improves your vehicle’s safety and helps maintain fuel efficiency.
  • Effect on tyre lifeTyre life can be reduced by as much as 75% if your tyres are running at just 80% of the recommended pressure. If pressure falls to 60% (which we find is not uncommon), tyre life can be reduced by as much as 35%. Early signs of potential under-inflation are a rapid wearing on the outside edges of your tyres. If left unattended, this can quickly cause your tyres to become illegal.
  • Effect on vehicle safetyWhen tyres are under-inflated, there is not enough air in the tyre to support the vehicle’s weight. This leads to the tyre’s sidewalls being compressed by the weight of the vehicle causing them to flex beyond their normal limits. This abnormal flexing leads to heat building up in the tyre and dramatically increases the chances of a high speed blow out.
  • Effect on fuel efficiencyUnder-inflation increases the amount of the tyre’s tread that is in contact with the road surface. Increased friction means that the tyre’s ability to roll along the surface of the road is reduced. This means your vehicle needs to use more power to roll an under-inflated tyre along the ground, leading to an inevitable increase in fuel consumption.

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Telephone: +44 (0)118 956 0003
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